• Jayasanka Rajapaksha

    Jayasanka Rajapaksha

    Software Engineer

  • Mike Johnston

    Mike Johnston

    I run a website about tech called CMS Critic where I am not afraid to share my opinion. If it’s good, I’ll tell you and if it’s crap, I’ll tell everyone.😉

  • David Stark

    David Stark

    General Partner at Ground Up Ventures.

  • Erivan Ramos

    Erivan Ramos

    Business Analysis & Requirements Engineering enthusiast. Information Systems & Software Engineering specialist. MBA in PM & HR. CBAP®, PMP®, CSM®, ITIL®& COBIT®

  • Gihan Shanuka

    Gihan Shanuka

  • Ashish Walia

    Ashish Walia

    On the grind at LawTrades

  • Shashika Dilan (Shash)

    Shashika Dilan (Shash)

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